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Paintings by Kathy Best Art seen at Melbourne, Melbourne - Creatures


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This large super bright textured abstract landscape filled with happy playful creatures (including a few native animals and a few nocturnal ones) provides companionship, comfort, memories, curiosity, intrigue and warmth to the viewer throughout the day and the night. I have spotted a cat, possum, penguin, emu, dolphin and owl in the painting. They seemed to appear out of nowhere as I was painting. Can you see anymore?

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I see the world and I paint it!

I create acrylic and mixed media abstracts, semi-abstracts, and contemporary paintings based on observation of the world around me. My works are bold and expressive. I predominately base my work on the present landscape, landscapes observed while travelling, still life set ups and still life in its’ existing environment. I paint loosely from reference photos and memory. I also occasionally sketch small works on site and may reproduce a larger more abstract version in the studio. My works contain colour relationships, impasto texture, movement, geometry and layers. I see the world and I paint it.