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Iris | Paintings by Justin Terry | Donghia, Inc. in New York

Created and Sold by Justin Terry

Justin Terry

Iris - Paintings

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"Iris" painting by Justin Terry hanging next to cool fancy lights at Donghia's showroom in midtown NYC.

Item Iris
Created by Justin Terry
Justin Terry
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
With unique sweeping gestures, deft color play and multitudes of layers, Justin Terry’s abstract paintings envelop the viewer, encouraging them to get lost in the movements within the expressive and energetic work. Terry’s paintings draw on the legacy of Lyrical Abstraction, building on an understanding of musicality in painterly strokes. Terry's artistic process is organic, utilizing spontaneity and intuition, which allow his paintings to develop a lyrical sensibility. The viewer is encouraged to become engrossed in his multiple colors, patterns and compositions. Terry explains, “I find the same type of pleasure through the act of looking, as I do when I listen to music that I love. What I want to do with these abstracts, is to give someone that sense of enjoyment, akin to listening to a song or musical composition, through seeing.”

Not only does Terry’s work provide a meditative experience, but his paintings also depict a palpable sense of the time and labor devoted to constructing these abstractions. Revealing the connection between time and the creative process, Terry titles each painting based on the date the work is complete. Terry states, "The majority of our days pass without notice, devoured the grind of work or movements of some other kind, yet each one carries a mark - distinct in how it can affect an individual’s perception, as well as, their future days to come. In 2007, I started naming these paintings after the day on which they were completed, producing a meditative nod or gesture to the anonymous day." Through this subtle and evocative reference, these works become a record of the energy, movements and time involved in his studio process while leaving the possibilities open for multiple interpretations.