Paintings by Justin Auld seen at Panacea, Portland - Quantum Painting #8
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Item Quantum Painting #8
Created by Justin Auld

Quantum Painting #8

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This is a piece from my Quantum Painting series. It uses the phenomenon of pareidolia which enables viewers to project images of their own creation into the marks of the painting.

Meet the Creator

Justin Auld

Justin Auld

Portland, OR

Justin Auld was born and raised in Vermont and has been living and working in Portland since 2000. Art has always been an integral part of his identity. He has been creating drawings and paintings since he was able to hold a pencil. "My work explores the phenomenon of pareidolia. The link between what the eyes deliver and what the brain constructs is a loose connection; we perceive images, intent, and patterns where none exist. The brain's ability to see what is not there yields a fundamental connection to the unknown and touches the edge of what is possible in our perception. Pareidolia therefore raises doubts on all that we encounter visually. By emphasizing selected forms within random images, my work asks viewers to contend with the thin veil overlaying their understanding of what is real, and invites them to balance on the edge of where visual reality is formed by the mind."

Available for commission/custom work