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Created and Sold by Joyce Owens

Joyce Owens

Dream Big - Paintings

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Dream Big" was created by local painter Joyce Owens. It was on show at The Blackstone, an Autograph Collection hotel in downtown Chicago's South Loop. Owens, who paints and sculpts, is a figurative artist whose style of portraiture often addresses issues of race and gender while relating a strong narrative context. Art curation by NINE dot ARTS.

Item Dream Big
Created by Joyce Owens
Art Curation by NINE dot ARTS
Joyce Owens
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
If One is Good, More is Better. (I work in series, usually.)

“Joyce Owens is a painter and sculptor who creates free standing sculptural works and masks/constructions. Her two degrees are an (MFA) degree from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut sand BFA, from Howard University in Wash., D.C.

Owens is a figurative artist who wants people to look beyond the outer layer of skin, and search the many levels of personality and humanity within. To look beyond the masks — the many faces we all wear. She wants people to appreciate, in particular, the range of surface appearance among African-Americans and then look longer and deeper to find the beauty, both obvious and hidden.

"I am known as a figurative artist deciding the most important work I can do is to address issues around race and gender. I wish racial issues had been resolved by now and we understood that we are all humans, but until it goes away and I am alive I will look to educate people how the ignorance that perpetuates these ideas." = Joyce Owens”