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Jillian Kay FitzMaurice
Paintings by Jillian Kay FitzMaurice seen at RULE Gallery, Denver - Exotic Escape

Exotic Escape

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In Exotic Escape, Jillian Kay FitzMaurice explores the idea of an oasis that allures the mind, but when reached is exposed to be only a mirage. Using collage, drawing, video and installation she creates distorted views of paradise that represent the search for an external solution to one’s internal problems. FitzMaurice looks at a fundamental idea of the human condition, that people often desperately want to find something better than what they are given. The artist depicts the answer by utilizing nostalgic, familiar and tranquil images of palm trees. FitzMaurice not only calls back to the great desert oasis of old, but also evokes the Hollywood dream that has appeared in the last century. These symbols hint at the opulence and glamour associated with a life of ease – a place where most want to find themselves. Between intoxicating episodes of reality TV and addictive scrolling through social media, we pass over these images of clear skies adorned with palm trees like a subconscious oasis.

This is merely an illusion, though. The waves, blurs, tears and cuts make these images distorted and dreamlike. The Hollywood dream is a paradise lost, and having not achieved happiness, we turn to screens, substances and self-indulgence as the obtainable means of escape. Yet in FitzMaurice’s work, utopia is still there, seemingly just in reach – leaving you longing for this distant idea of perfection.

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Jillian Kay FitzMaurice

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exotic, opulent, ironic, drawings and painting with so much sweetness

Jillian Kay FitzMaurice
b. 1988
Jillian Kay FitzMaurice is an artist currently living in Denver, Colorado. She is a 2011 graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, majoring in Drawing. While drawing and painting are her primary medium she has most recently been working in the realm of performance, video, and installation pieces. Her works is influenced by the surreal with touches of opulence. FitzMaurice’s work often takes a personal
approach and touches on internal struggles more than worlds views. Often these psychological battles are represented or almost masked by animals or plant life. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Denver, CO; Milwaukee,WI;Anacortes,WA; and Ballyvaughn Ireland. Her work can be found
in collections throughout the United States, Ireland and Great Britain.