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Created and Sold by Jane Canfield

Jane Canfield
Studio still life with Daisy | Paintings by Jane Canfield
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Studio still life with Daisy - Paintings

Featured In Blackheath, Australia

Price from $1,900 to $2,000

Mixed media on board. Framed in Tasmanian Ash.

Pricing will depend on exchange rate.

Item Studio still life with Daisy
Created by Jane Canfield
As seen in Blackheath, Blackheath, Australia
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Jane Canfield
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Painter, drawer, restorer of 1850's Convict built Sandstone Inn. Tootles around with hounds in '74 VW Kombi 'Dot', inspired by the landscape

My work has been called peaceful, atmospheric and tonal. I work mainly in gouache and oil, although my recent works have been more mixed media, using charcoal, pastel, conte or oil stick. I have to be inspired by something I have seen, so I do end up working in the landscape a lot or interiors from life. However I find myself working more and more from the impression of what stays in my minds eye, finishing off in the studio, creating semi-abstracted works, always layering the colour and enjoying the mark making that occur from happy accidents as I use scratchy brushes, sticks and sometimes pencil to make marks in the wet paint. Always striving to reduce and simplify.