Paintings by Habitat Improver - Furniture Restyle and Applied Arts seen at Creator's Studio, Lisbon - Peekaboo Monalisa

Peekaboo Monalisa



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"Peekaboo Monalisa" restyled by Habitat Improver. Antique printed Mona Lisa canvas restyled with nude colour acrylic paint on 2/3 of canvas and frame. Top frame with aged gold leaf. on 1/3. Backside lined with recycled damask, pink and gold, motif wallpaper, rope and washi tape on sides. Engraved legend with title and website on painted wood on centre bottom of frame, like and old painting. One-of-a-kind piece sold.
H80 x L40 x D1,5 cm

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Habitat Improver - Furniture Restyle and Applied Arts

Meet the Creator

Every single restyling is handmade and bespoke, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces with a story to tell, to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Habitat Improver is an atelier dedicated to furniture restyle and applied arts, founded in Lisbon by Architect Joana Diogo. It brings different materials and decorative techniques together, updating several crafts in a very innovative way. Ancient and traditional decorative techniques, exclusively manual, are revived and applied to pieces of furniture and other structures, adapting them to new uses and environments, in a creative and personalised fashion. Its remarkable versatility and eclectic visual approach allows the atelier to work with interior designers, private clients and also to produce one-of-a-kind pieces to sell.