Created and Sold by Greta Laundy

Greta Laundy

Seaview, framed acrylic on canvas, 2019

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Seaview is a privately commissioned painting exploring colour and shape relationships in the landscape. This work was commissioned to fit in the clients new living area, and close consultation with the client resulted in a work that is not only perfect for the space, but also full of joy and energy. The client was very exacting in their requests including in the framing. Everything was organised by phone communication only.

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Greta Laundy

Meet the Creator

Colour rich paintings exploring our connection with nature

Through her work, Greta explores themes of nature and our interactions with it. “My landscapes are metaphors for connections. The interlocking shapes are generated intuitively during the process of the painting’s composition evolving and developing, and the way I use the formal elements of space, shape, colour and value ensures each part of the composition is interconnected with another part, much like we are all interconnected with our environment and each other.”

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