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Greta Laundy

Two Birds and Pink Sun

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Two Black Birds and Pink Sun is a large abstract framed painting purchased from local gallery Satch & Co in Holbrook, NSW by an art collector. It is shown hanging in the collector's living space in their private residence. This painting is one in a series exploring the negative and positive space created between the birds, and uses carefully controlled colour and texture.

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Greta Laundy

Meet the Creator

Colour rich paintings exploring our connection with nature

Through her work, Greta explores themes of nature and our interactions with it. “My landscapes are metaphors for connections. The interlocking shapes are generated intuitively during the process of the painting’s composition evolving and developing, and the way I use the formal elements of space, shape, colour and value ensures each part of the composition is interconnected with another part, much like we are all interconnected with our environment and each other.”

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