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Glib Franko
Tropic | Paintings by Glib Franko
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Tropic - Paintings

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Original Painting in oil on canvas


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Glib Franko
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Wescover creator since 2020
Glib Franko is a young Ukrainian artist who works with such classical artistic practices as painting and graphics, but this does not prevent the author from approaching the task in a modern way. Glib's work balances between abstract and specific plot lines of contemplation of natural landscapes and everyday situations. Particular attention should be paid to the technical experiment created by the artist, since as an artist restoration artist, he uses the philosophical discourse of this process and sublime him into a peculiar manifesto of the process of pictorial origin that has already been brought into the artistic canon through the work of such bright people and trends of the twentieth century as Jackson Pollock , Yves Klein, Tachists, Stockists and others. The priority of the work of the artist is the spectacular, self-sufficiency of color, a form, which in turn leaves space for the audience's interpretation.