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Created and Sold by Gerry Wilmer

Gerry Wilmer
Red Hibiscus | Paintings by Gerry Wilmer
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Red Hibiscus | Paintings by Gerry Wilmer
Red Hibiscus | Paintings by Gerry Wilmer

Red Hibiscus - Paintings

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Artwork piece by Gerry Wilmer brings the contrast of bright color highlights yet a sense of calm and peace in this master’s bedroom.

Item Red Hibiscus
Created by Gerry Wilmer
As seen in Private Residence, Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Gerry Wilmer
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
I love sketching outdoors using a water soluble ink pen and watercolour in a small book. I draw across the binding and on both sides of the paper so the drawings cannot be taken out of the books. The sketchbooks stayed private until a few years ago when my dad begged me to do something with them. He liked my sketchbooks better than all my other work. Dad was born and brought up in Brighton. When I was a child he taught me and my siblings to swim in the sea, took us for long walks along cliffs, through woods and fields. I have a deep love of the countryside and sea rooted in those childhood memories. Dad died a few years ago but I think he would be pleased that I have found a way to share my sketchbook drawings in the form of archival giclee prints.

Indoors I work on large scale paper, using acrylic paints, often basing the work on a sketch I have done or a memory of something I have seen or felt.

I then go on to paint in oils on canvases that I have stretched myself, as I find the stretching and priming a special part of the process of making a painting.
The oil painting is usually a slower process, often reworking over and over, but sometimes I take a small canvas outdoors and paint in oils or acrylics directly from the subject. I call these oil sketches, and as sketches, I feel I can be more forgiving and try and leave them as they are, without painting over them!

I went back to University a few years ago to study for my MA in Fine Art. Having lovely studio space meant I could work on a big painting project!

‘There is More’ Acrylic and oil on seven canvases, joined together to form a space you can enter, as if you were in the painting. Hundreds of loose pieces of painted canvas cover the floor, to give the effect of colours drifting down from the canvases, like leaves in autumn, or petals in spring. The feeling of a woodland scene.

You can see some of my sketches and paintings on my sketchblog;-

and also some of the sketches reproduced as greetings cards and limited edition archival giclee prints, on my Etsy shop;-