Paintings by Deborah Hartigan Viestenz, as seen in 4855 Vicksburg St, Dallas, TX

Paintings by Deborah Hartigan Viestenz seen at 4855 Vicksburg St, Dallas - OZ-Behind The Curtain

OZ-Behind The Curtain


in4855 Vicksburg St, Dallas, TX
72” x 72”
Acrylic on Canvas
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Meet the Creator

Much is revealed about Deborah Hartigan Viestenz through her artwork. Known for her large scale multi-media abstract paintings seeking to translate nature into feelings, Deborah is based in the United States and began her creative journey and love of the outdoors at an early age.
Always fascinated with the often overlooked beauty of nature, and encouraged by her grandmother, an accomplished painter, Deborah began her studies in oil painting at the age of ten. Given her admiration of minerals, stones, landmass and the sea, these elements became the subject matter of her work.
After attending Boston College, Deborah received her BFA from Hartford Art School at The University of Hartford where she spent her time focusing on large scale outdoor sculptures along with painting and design. She has spent her adult life achieving a successful and creative family/work/life balance and enjoying the gradual maturation and seasoning of her work. Presently based in Dallas, TX, Deborah has resided in New York, London, and Paris and continues to find inspiration in her travels.
Her art is exhibited/available at several galleries in Dallas-as you explore her works, share in the spirit of her imagination, generosity, and genuine love of life and visit her at her new studio in the north Dallas Design District.

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