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Created and Sold by David J. Marchi

David J. Marchi
Painting Collection | Paintings by David J. Marchi | Cupping Room Cafe in New York
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Painting Collection

Featured In Cupping Room Cafe, New York, NY

These paintings that hung up in the cafe are artworks if David Marchi. Beautiful arts that add colors to the brick wall.

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David J. Marchi
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
David was born and raised in Connecticut.

After 25 years living in Manhattan, David moved back to Connecticut with his partner, James where he has his studio.

For the past 4 years David has made it part of his practice to travel and paint in different parts of the world, isolated locations; The Shack's in Provincetown where Jackson Pollock painted, urban and suburban cities; Paris, São Paulo, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Milan and Lake Como.

The methodology to David’s art is a spiritual and subconscious process.

He dreams the colors and painting structures first, imprinting the image in his head.

In his studio, he sits on the floor, looks at the negative space and starts to pick the colors from the shelf.

He lines them together on the canvas giving him a “tangible” perspective of the dream.

David rarely uses a brush. He looks at many objects, in the kitchen, hardware store, a flower garden.

He sits, stands, yoga poses as he is completely swallowed into his painting.

David is the painting, darting around the canvas, daring himself, pushing himself.

Then there is the mistake. “There is always at least one mistake in every painting”.

Why was that color or stroke there? The answer always comes at the completion of the work.

It was not a mistake; it was actually part of his sub conscience, a deliberate action leading to a thoughtful completion.

David’s passion for painting was the result of a boat accident in 2015. He broke his back and injured both hands.

A week after the accident, he began to have vivid color filled dreams.

Prior to this accident, David never painted, experiencing what later was diagnosed as "Acquired Savant Syndrome."

David’s paintings are collected all over the world and he is actively involved in The Human Rights Campaign and supports Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation with his art.