Paintings by Dave Mucai seen at Private Residence, Nairobi - Bare land 1
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Item Bare land 1
Created by Dave Mucai
As seen in Private Residence, Nairobi, Kenya

Bare land 1

Paintings by Dave Mucai, as seen in Private Residence, Nairobi, Kenya

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Acrylic on canvas painting.
Title of this piece is bare land 1. Based on my view and twist

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Dave Mucai

Dave Mucai


The constant itch to explore thoughts and subject matter is one of the greatest motivations in my art practice. God, nature, personal observations and imaginings, as well as other peoples’ life experiences, are my sources of inspiration. The medium I use in most cases is acrylic on canvas. I, however, work with other materials such as metal, stone, and wood.

My work is a bold celebration of line, colour, and form. The depictions in many of my pieces are either of the familiar or the unfamiliar and play a prominent part in my art because it is an exploration and experimentation of material in my creative process. My art is basically a piece of me.

Available for commission/custom work