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“The power within me“ 2020 | Paintings by Daniela SV Art
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“The power within me“ 2020 - Paintings

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“The beginning of awake Awareness”collection.

“The Power within me” 2020

Mixed technique

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 55 Inches

Sometimes life’s challenges contain powerful lessons, which simply cannot be rushed... Learning takes time. Impatience hides the most powerful truth: within us resides all of the knowledge we need. But how do we access this inner knowing? Is it something that you have to be a guru or spiritual master to find? The truth is that we all have access to this great wealth of inner knowledge, and if you follow a few simple steps you will be on the way to knowing the power within you. Ask yourself - trust yourself and be present...!

We all have our own gifts that we bring into the world. The only way these gifts can be brought out in an individual is by stepping out of our comfort zone and dedicating time to the best possible investment out there: Ourselves!...Individuals have the power within them to change the world.

Realize that you are special. Everything we see around us was created by the ones who strive to accomplish something greater by following their burning power to live life to the limits!

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Daniela SV Art
Meet the Creator
Conceptual innovation, robust work ethic, and creative portfolio management are all essential components to success in the world of art. As a skilled professional with experience in the development and completion of various successful artistic and design projects... Passionate, creative, enthusiastic, inventive and multifaceted artist. Professional with extensive experience and excellent eye for detail, extraordinary record of satisfaction with my clients and art lovers, having the ability to work under pressure with multiples projects simultaneously. Always attracted to colors and to the nature. Started painting and creating art at a young age with a sustainable form from time to time the vary of subject matter with a Versatile, geometry or some equestrian art, but colors remain my true obsession... I’m happy to have become self-taught and multifaceted artist.Aside from basic art classes I pursued sculptures, muralism and ceramic classes.The knowledge base I continue to expand has allowed me to sharpen my artistic skills to be able to realize, visualize and express my emotions, thoughts and ideas. Active, exhibiting artist with portfolio of work available upon request.

I Born in Caracas Venezuela, I'm a natural and captivating artist. Recognized for an ingenious way to create amazing pieces of art with my own creativity, straying away from the traditionally and giving life to all the creations with a owned colors palette. Art presentation leans toward the abstract combined with mixed techniques that head a sustainable, eco-friendly initiative. I created “Re-Inventando muebles ecologicos” in Costa Rica which translates to: Re-invented ecological furniture. This company was founded out of the need to create something different, creative and ecological. At this point is when I gives free wheel to my creativity and passion to build and create. This company became quickly recognized in Costa Rica due to it’s option of giving an artistic and ecological twist to furniture design. Recognition was accomplished by reutilizing and giving new life to a lot of materials which would have usually been categorized as trash and end up in a landfill. A Talented artist with a lot of creativity and drive to keep CREATING. Which is one of my biggest passions. Currently I'm promoting a new skills and knowledge about murals, sculptures and hand painted swimming pools, with amazing creations.