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Crystal Fischetti
Full English exhibition | Paintings by Crystal Fischetti | Platform Southwark in London
Image credit: Dateagle Studio, Dateagle, Platform Southwark, Curators: Vanessa Murrell, Martin Mayorga. Poster: Innit. Artists: Crystal Fischetti, Jake Grewal, Thomas Langley, Tanya Ling, Michaela Yearwood-Dan, Lydia Blakeley, Joe Cheetham, Hetty Douglas, Dominic Dispirito, Richie Culver, Shadi Al-Atallah,

Full English exhibition - Paintings

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An exhibition where mid-career artists respond to the idea of 'Englishnness' through painting on a specific frame size.

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Crystal Fischetti
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Into parallel worlds and good vibes on/off the wall. Abstract Medicine

Crystal Fischetti is an abstract painter from London fascinated by the non visible worlds. A self confessed psychic, empath, yogini, dancer and all round fun loving human committed to lifting the vibration through her exploration of parallel worlds through her art.

Fischetti’s work can be seen as paintings on canvas, chess and backgammon sets, murals and installations in private collections in Los Angeles and in museums in San Diego and Shanghai. She recently returned from California to pursue an MA Fine Art degree at Chelsea College of Arts, London.

Since her return to Europe she has participated in art residencies in Spain, Switzerland and most recently with AucArt Lab in central London. Later in the year, Fischetti will continue sharing her ‘good vibes’ in murals in Los Angeles and site specific installations in Detroit.