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Created and Sold by Coral Bourgeois

Coral Bourgeois

Artwork - Paintings

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These nineteen food-themed tiles found adorning a huge wall the dining area of Good Stuff Diner were created by Coral Bourgeois. The tiles were arranged perfectly that you'd want to look at them closer over and over again.

Item Artwork
Created by Coral Bourgeois
Coral Bourgeois
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Coral Bourgeois is a Providence based artist whose tile work has been exhibited across the nation as well as internationally. Beginning as a painter and jeweler before moving into tile design, her unique style has earned her recognition in numerous publications. In addition, she has exhibited extensively in both group and solo exhibitions.

Bourgeois has created murals for homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and more all around the world. Using a multidisciplinary process, all of her work is made up of many parts meant to be viewed together as a whole, which mirrors the process itself: many different elements coming together to form a whole that is vivid, textural, multidimensional, and completely unique.