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Cheryl Hicks


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The inspiration for this painting is the notion that one of the elements of Monroe’s personality that made her so popular was her perceived vulnerability. It currently hangs in the Art Hall at the Blackstone. Art curation by NINE dot ARTS.

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Cheryl Hicks

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Much of my art borrows from the theory of pointillism and the digital effects of photographic half-toning. And it is very much a product of pop culture. I am also a writer and love to play around with text in my images. I am working on an ongoing series titled, “I Just Don’t Read Like I Used To,” in which I cut up books and use the text to make a statement about how technology has impacted our relationship with books.

My text strip collages are pure experimentation. I love starting something new, generating a set of rules, breaking the rules, and moving beyond what I originally expected would happen.”

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