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Cheryl Hicks

Hail Columbia!

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The background of this 4’ x 2’ painting is, of course, from the book, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It features Audrey in the backseat of a taxi with a rainy day vista and the local Columbia Theater.

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Cheryl Hicks

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Much of my art borrows from the theory of pointillism and the digital effects of photographic half-toning. And it is very much a product of pop culture. I am also a writer and love to play around with text in my images. I am working on an ongoing series titled, “I Just Don’t Read Like I Used To,” in which I cut up books and use the text to make a statement about how technology has impacted our relationship with books.

My text strip collages are pure experimentation. I love starting something new, generating a set of rules, breaking the rules, and moving beyond what I originally expected would happen.”

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