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Created and Sold by Cesar Finamori

Cesar Finamori
Sofia Vivian | Paintings by Cesar Finamori
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Sofia Vivian | Paintings by Cesar Finamori
Sofia Vivian | Paintings by Cesar Finamori
Sofia Vivian | Paintings by Cesar Finamori

Sofia Vivian - Paintings

The lines on this painting are actually shapes, one painted over the other creating lines.

Item Sofia Vivian
Created by Cesar Finamori
As seen in Private Residence, New York, NY
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Cesar Finamori
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
"The long you look to these pictures the more interesting things they tell you." – Ivan Markovsky

Cesar Finamori is a New York-based contemporary artist. He is primarily known for his award-winning career in the advertising industry as a designer, art director, and creative director. Born in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil, he graduated from the College of Belas Artes.

Along with his graphic design work, Finamori creates his artwork. In 2002, he had his first solo show "Stolen Feet" in Sao Paulo. In 2006, he moved to New York to continue his work as a graphic designer and art director. In 2016, he began painting his series “Vivian Girls”, influenced mainly by Francis Bacon, Juan Miró and Wassily Kandinsky.

“The artist’s ability to utilize abstraction in the service of figuration is a testament to his conceptual talents. From this I gather that Finamori has a much different understanding of what makes anyone alive than our current paradigms of science and culture dictate”
wrote Chloe Hyman for Canvas and Crumpets.

Since 2017, the “Vivian Girls” series has been exhibited at a number of venues and art fairs in New York and Los Angeles, including the AdArtShow at Sotheby's NYC in 2018.