Paintings by Cate West Zahl seen at Common House, Charlottesville - Artwork
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Painter Cate West Zahl creates abstract works with irregular forms and a full color pallette. Cate believes that imperfection in art is more interesting than perfection. She works with oil, charcoal, graphite, and has also gotten into oil crayon. This piece is found on the restaurant wall of Common House, a contemporary social club, where people can admire its beauty and glamour. This is considered to be her largest piece.

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Cate West Zahl

Cate West Zahl

Charlottesville, VA

Cate West Zahl is a painter working in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she lives with her husband and three sons. She first studied studio art under Lee Newman at the Holton-Arms school, and then went on to earn her BA in Fine Arts from Hamilton College. Her academic training was based on the technical study of life, a strong foundation from which she could explore more explicit abstraction. This occurs out of her loft studio in the Belmont neighborhood of downtown Charlottesville.

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