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Swan Series | Paintings by Candace Wilson Art Studio | Toronto Western Hospital in Toronto
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Swan Series - Paintings

Featured In Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada


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This is a series of 8 oil paintings with swan feathers and assorted gemstones. They are loosely based on the chakra system from ayurvedic medicine where each colour corresponds to particular areas of the body. Here each chakra colour has used very lightly leaving white as the predominant influence. The use of white was intentional for the mental health clinic because it is extremely calming to the brain and nervous system. I was guided by Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to create this particular series.

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Candace Wilson Art Studio
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Energetically active abstract healing paintings that transform spaces and affect every person within.

My paintings transform spaces and lives. It is my great gift and I am very good at it. Every element in my work has been purposefully chosen for its healing energies helping transmute old pain and trauma into more expansive and positive ways of being. Colour, crystals, passion, and intention resonate to shift consciousness.