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"Lively Seas"


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48x24 inch hand painted acrylic. Inspired by my time living in Europe and Sri Lanka.

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Amongst a sometimes hectic world, I paint the quit and pureness of nature.

My inspiration changes depending on where I’m traveling or generally how I’m feeling in my life. Recently I’ve been painting my escape from the crowds of coastal cities. You can often see one surfer, empty lineups, one umbrella and a lonely boat surrounded by marine life and the stillness of the sea. In a world of chaos and places full of noise I have always treasured my time submerged in nature. The peace it brings me and the feeling of being apart of something. I love taking the time to listen to the environment which I feel is often muffled by the sound of humanity. Painting a little bit of how I forever want to remember this world, peaceful, non judgmental and connected in every single way. My paintings are heavily influenced by my surroundings but one thing always remains the core subject and that is definitely nature.

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