Paintings by Athina Janice Artwork seen at Creator's Studio, Mumbai - Renewal of Hopes
Paintings by Athina Janice Artwork seen at Creator's Studio, Mumbai - Renewal of Hopes
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Item Renewal of Hopes
As seen in Creator's Studio, Mumbai, India

Renewal of Hopes

Paintings by Athina Janice Artwork, as seen in Creator's Studio, Mumbai, India


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The often persuasion to be like someone else, be it family, peers or friends, many a times, could leave us scarred. Am I doing the right thing? Am I being foolish when I try to be different or unique?
Others do not understand the struggle when one tries to avoid being their true self. It takes nothing to join the crowd but it takes everything to stand out. It’s time we choose to shine with our own unique light. So rise higher and shine brighter!
May this painting bring hope to those who suppress their uniqueness in order to fit in.

Acrylic on Canvas- 30x36 inches

Meet the Creator

Athina Janice Artwork

Mumbai, India

Athina Janice’s love affair with Art started when she was a teenager. Little did she know that she would ever pursue Art as her career in future. But her journey towards that goal did not start then. Being good in academics she was advised to keep art as her hobby and pursue some professional degree as a stable career option. She lost her connection with the Arts while completing Chartered Accountancy course. Even though she attained her goal of becoming professional Chartered Accountant, something still continued to feel incomplete. A couple of years ago she revisited her canvases in order to find an order in the chaos. Since then, there was no looking back.

Athina Janice’s journey since then has been juggling between both these careers. She calls herself an accountant by day and an artist by night. She has always been a keen observer and much of it reflects in her work. She is equally attracted to simplicity of monochrome as she is to a bust of vibrant colors.

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