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Created and Sold by Ashley Kaase

Ashley Kaase
Botanical Medley | Paintings by Ashley Kaase
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Image credit: Rederi Perez @rperez_photography

Botanical Medley - Paintings

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BOTANICAL MEDLEY is one of my favorite watercolor works to date. Created in 2018, it paved the way for pieces like: NEW BOTANICALS, IN THE GARDEN, and BOTANICAL BLEND, which are also inspired by my favorite plants, colors, and people. Created shortly after visiting the Honolulu Museum of Art, I was awestruck but the small but powerful exhibit of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings. After learning she had spent time in Hawaii, much of her work grew deeper in meaning to me. BOTANICAL MEDLEY honors her influence and is a collection of my favorite local flora. The Ti leaves are from our lanai and hold great significance to the people of Hawaii. Banana leaves remind me of my homeland Panama, and the Monstera, which I wanted to have stars hidden in its leaves, would eventually inspire another painting about a year later, GALAXY MONSTERA. It continues to be one of my most collected works and is a favorite of my family.

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Item Botanical Medley
Created by Ashley Kaase
As seen in Private Residence, Wahiawa, HI
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Ashley Kaase
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Vivid Watercolor Artwork With Strong Botanical Themes

ALOHA, my name is Ashley Kaase, and I'm a watercolor artist based out of Oahu. My work is inspired by the natural beauty we enjoy daily living in Hawaii. Inspired by color and driven by imagination, my artwork blends two worlds and exaggerates the ordinary. I find inspiration from the plants growing off my lanai, to the botanical gardens all over Oahu. In an attempt to honor the people of Hawaii, my most notable and meaningful piece honors their heritage and culture, one which I highly respect and find fascinating. Living in Hawaii has flooded my senses with beauty and awe, and I hope to reflect that in my artwork.