Paintings by Arthur Koch seen at Portola Branch Library 380 Bacon St, San Francisco, CA 94134, San Francisco - Tia Tranquila

Tia Tranquila

Oil painting based on a trip to Nicaragua. The people in the foreground are sleepwalking though their mundane chores while their souls in the background are awakening to eternal life.

Meet the Creator

Arthur Koch was born in Miami Florida and has been living and working in the Bay area for 30 years as a photographer, painter, and digital artist/animator. He earned a BFA in Painting and Photography at Columbia College and continued his studies in at the Academy of Art, SFSU, and CCSF. His background in painting and illustration influence his approach to photography with a foundation in composition, color theory, and visual communication. Working as a 2D/3D digital artist has kept him up to date with technology exposing him to digital photography and editing. In Jan 2016 he opened Arthur Koch Studio at 150 Silliman St SF, CA 94134, a rental gallery and photo studio with his partner Lisa Balsam Magruder who teaches art classes, custom framing, and fine art.

Available for commission/custom work