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Paintings by ANTUANELLE at Oliver Brown Cafe, Zetland - Gemstone Artworks: Wonderland, Flamingos and Laguna Beach

Gemstone Artworks: Wonderland, Flamingos and Laguna Beach - Paintings

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The Owner of Oliver Brown Cafe asked Marie to help to create the atmosphere that would tie the urban metropolis feeling of Zetland with overall Coastal perception of Eastern Suburbs.

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Meet the Creator

Antuanelle's artworks spark conversations about the importance of marine conservation—her paintings connect people to the pure beauty of popular beaches and ocean reserves, depicting them as if they were completely untouched by human presence.

Antuanelle is a Sydney-based abstract artist from Siberia. Her artworks are inspired by places she has traveled to, and objects she has collected from those locales: GEMSTONES, PEARLS, SWAROWSKI CRYSTALS and SEASHELLS.

She has worked with a wide range of art collectors, consultants and interior designers. Her roster of partners includes the famous Channel9's The Block Shop, United Interiors, Bondi Wall, Mosman Art Gallery, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Australian Maritime Museum, Royal Easter Show and Westfield.

Her signature combination of traditional Russian stone painting techniques with contemporary flow media results in round, aerial portals to another version of our planet.