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Abstract Painting

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If you're having a bad day or can't sleep, I have a really helpful trick- it's called a 'waterfall of gratitude' or a 'rampage of appreciation'.

Start by listing things you are grateful for- no matter how small or silly. Usually, my list includes each of my dogs, friends old and new, sometimes it includes my cozy bed or a kind neighbor. You will instantly start to feel grounded.

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Anne Abueva Studio
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My studio practice is the best way for me to articulate, express and interpret everyday moments and memories. A therapist once told me to "let it out on a cellular level" and that advice still guides me in making artwork. I play, experiment, edit and work with the materials until the piece hopefully touches on some strand of common human experience that sparks emotion and connection. I incorporate my background in interior design and experience with intuitive and expressionist artmaking into my work.
Works are currently available through Serena & Lily, Mont Art House Houston, and directly through me. Contact me for current availability.