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Created and Sold by Andrea Pramuk Art Studio, LLC

Andrea Pramuk Art Studio, LLC

Europa - Paintings

Creator not accepting inquiries

This is a wall covering featuring my artwork, and produced and installed by MN based AREA Environments

Andrea Pramuk Art Studio, LLC
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
I look for the similarities between us and universal underlying systems that encourage empathy, compassion and awareness of all things in nature as non-superior conscious beings.

"Painting feels as natural to me as breathing. By allowing the light to determine the composition, the sense of space can be ethereal, airy, and soft. Even though I use a simplistic subject matter and color palette, the ideas and spaces are complex and deep.”

"Texas painter, Andrea Pramuk, creates organic, drawing-based abstractions. Her pictures may seem familiar at first glance, but on closer inspection, they are not things or places that exist, but rather lyrical subjects whose dialogue originates out of line, color and light. She looks to earthly things that are constant throughout time, reminiscent of stone, sea, sky and botanical forms – all traditional painting subjects.

Andrea uses acrylic paint and dye-based pigments within a system that includes a carefully mixed color palette, paint pouring and drawing techniques, working both flat and at the easel. She arrived at this current method of working due to physical limitations with manual dexterity and also for technical reasons like drying times and limited time constraints. Pouring paint for Andrea is like building sediment layers in stone, creating wave patterns in sand and bringing about tree rings born out of drying paint puddles shrinking one ring at a time. Her process and subject matter, therefore, are both temporal and symbiotic. Poetry comes into play with her choice of titles, often borrowed from music lyrics, poetry or books, while also folding in themes from current events.

Andrea describes her pictures as both intimate and expansive, chronicling the passage of time. Things on her mind today include the balancing act between the terms of formal abstraction and the issues related to the fragility of human life and the planet we inhabit."