Paintings by Amanda Norman, in Private ResidenceHouston, TX

Paintings by Amanda Norman seen at Private Residence, Houston - The Water Rises & And So Does Love

The Water Rises & And So Does Love

A gorgeous photo of Amanda Norman's work from her client in Houston. As background, the client reached out to Amanda over the summer about commissioning some pieces. They emailed back and forth for months deciding on colors and scale and during that time she grew to just adore her. But, just as Amanda started to work on her commissions, the Houston flood hit. She checked in on her during that time and her attitude through it all was incredible. She was safe at a friends house with her kids and her husband was out helping other people. As Amanda painted these blue, watery pieces, she couldn't help but think of how destruction and devastation is so often a catalyst for an outpouring of love. So, she ended up naming them "The Water Rises" & "And So Does Love".
inPrivate ResidenceHouston, TX

Meet the Creator

An award-winning artist, Amanda has gained clients from coast to coast including interior designers, art collectors and celebrities. Her work is shown in galleries throughout the country and has been placed in homes and corporate collections throughout the world. Norman's paintings have appeared in national publications such as Country Living, Wed Luxe and Traditional Home.

The artist graduated with honors from Brown University in 2004 with a degree in Visual Art. She also studied graphic design at The New School in NYC as well as sculpture and a site-specific installation at RISD's Pont Aven School of Art in France.

"My favorite part about painting is how it relates to the process of life. Some strokes are carefully thought out; others are happy accidents. In the end, it's the intersection of the deliberate and the unexpected that is most authentic and exciting."

Amanda lives happily in Nashville with her son Ward and their dog, George.