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Alli Conrad
Paintings by Alli Conrad seen at Industrious Los Angeles Wilshire and Grand, Los Angeles - Gaea


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“Gaea” ~ Tick tock tick tock. The great goddess of the early greeks, mother earth. The creator of the universe. 4.5 billion years old. She wakes up everyday and rises with positivity. A smile on her face. Always walking around glowing. She radiates vibrant colors. No matter how dark and cruel the world can be, she still seems to breathe in the natural beauty that the earth produces. But how much can she breathe in before her glow dwindles? Tick tock tick tock.

Title: Gaea, 2019
Size: 36” x 48”
Medium: Acrylic

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Alli Conrad

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Alli Conrad is a self-taught Chinese American cosmopolitan artist, currently residing in Los Angeles. She specializes in contemporary modern art. Alli has taken inspiration from several global cultures and cities such as Tzfat, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tzfat, Los Angeles. Her work is a melting pot of eastern and western traditions. Through each medium, Conrad’s art is her own; a linear, whimsical world that she has created from her mind and experiences. As Conrad’s dad always told her growing up, “to thine own self be true”. Each piece is her identity. If you look closely, you’ll see it…dot dot dot. Unsymmetrical forms, chaotic streaks, and vibrant hues that allow Conrad to express her reality and perspective of the imperfect beautiful world. Bright and loud, yet poised and intentional."

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