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Black and White | Paintings by Melissa Mary Jenkins Art
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Image credit: Elizabeth Bear Designs

Black and White - Paintings

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"Black and White" in the "Fields of Gold" series
4 x 6"

The artist lives in a little stone farm house surrounded by golden fields. Sting's famous song kept running through Melissa's mind as she painted this series, so she named it "Fields of Gold". As she wanders the fields daily with her puppy Mylo and her twin girls, Melissa contemplates the need to remember that a time will come when her time in the golden fields will be a distant memory.

This painting began with layers of black. Charcoal, thread and ink form the final layers.

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Melissa Mary Jenkins Art
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Wescover creator since 2020
Natural Inks & Abstract Art

Inspired by her natural surroundings, Melissa Mary Jenkins’ paintings reflect the fluidity of the seasons and the movement of her soul in nature. Melissa lives in a lovely rural setting in an old stone farm house surrounded by vibrant landscapes. Her studio is framed by windows looking out onto dazzling golden fields, towering pine trees, a flourishing apple orchard and a natural pond. Melissa handcrafts her own botanical inks from foraged plants, berries and seeds. Melissa’s abstract paintings reflect her originality and integration of nature’s lines and marks.