Murals by Zuzu Perkal seen at Kung Fu Saloon, Austin - Bye Felicia Mural
Murals by Zuzu Perkal seen at Kung Fu Saloon, Austin - Bye Felicia Mural
Image credit: Viktor Cepeda
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Item Bye Felicia Mural
Created by Zuzu Perkal

Bye Felicia Mural


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It was an honor to have been invited to create this mural for the iconic Austin Landmark, and prominent Texas-based bar and restaurant, Kung Fu Saloon. 

The Downtown Austin scene has proven to be a spot for incredible culture and spirited communities throughout the years. Nestled inside of this community is the highly energized Kung Fu Saloon's venue known for its colorful light art, old school video games, live DJ sets, and the ability to bring life to the party any night of the week. Bye Felicia tries to capture this inherent vibrancy through bright, popping colors by day and neon illuminated 3D lettering by night. 

Even the experience of creating the piece was out of this world, climbing up two stories of scaffolding and then setting up a small ladder at the very top of it all to hone in on the finishing touches. The things I wouldn't do to create art! The digitally designed 'Bye Felicia' lettering was fabricated and installed by the local collective, Polis. The quote pays homage to the classic 1995 movie, ‘Friday’. Some people get it and others don’t. That’s part of the beauty of public artwork, right? 

This project was a thrill to design and execute. Granting an artist creative freedom is one of the most exciting things a client can do on a commercial project. I’ve done frequent work for KPG Hospitality over the past 5 years and they respect the importance of finding the balance of sharing a creative vision for the brand while honoring an artist's creative freedom and personal style.

Meet the Creator

Zuzu Perkal

Zuzu Perkal

Austin, TX

Visual Artist & Muralist

Community, conversation, and constructive reactions are at the core of Zuzu’s art, bringing these qualities to life with every piece that is created. As a self-taught contemporary visual artist and muralist, she is committed to the exploration, experimentation and unconventionality in blurring the lines between fine and street art.

With the coalescence of unrestrained imagination, vigorous dedication, and inevitable trial and error, Zuzu has cultivated a distinct style and process transforming her whimsical endeavors into solidifying her as a full-time artist. By pursuing multiple style disciplines, all of her work exemplifies dynamic movements, vibrant colors, and contemporary design, which lay the foundation for an engaged and energetic viewer.

Zuzu is originally from sunny San Diego, CA and is currently living and working out of Austin. TX. To inquire about commission work and collaboration opportunities contact and follow her projects at @zuzubee.

Note From Zuzu:
I have always had a deep adoration for powerful vibrancy and social impact in my artwork which beautifies otherwise unnoticed public spaces. The artwork is an invitation to step into a different world and view life through a new lens. Think about it this way, we’re all made of energy and we’re all interconnected. There’s a constant give and receive of energy, all of which vibrates at different frequencies. These frequencies resonate with similar frequencies, thus we’re attracting what we emanate. When we choose to beam out positive thoughts, energy, and actions, we also choose to be open to receiving the same. We get what we give. That’s what my artwork is all about. The giving and receiving of empowering energy and connection to the world around you.

Available for commission/custom work