Murals by Yi Illustration 365days seen at Starbucks, 625 H St NE B, Washington - "Vibrant"
Image credit: Joshua Trujillo/Starbucks
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Vibrant (title of the work)
This mural celebrates the vibrant spirit of culture, each quadrant representing a letter, spelling the word “Deaf”.

Top left: Two forms of the letter “d” are juxtaposed. The lowercase “d” refers to “deafness” as a physical condition. The uppercase “D” signifies Deaf identity and the pride of Deaf people as a community rich in culture and sign language.

Top right: This quadrant represents the letter “e” and blends both the elements of the uppercase written English letter and the ASL handshape for the letter. These letters gently imposed together represent bringing cultures together and equality.

Bottom left: This quadrant highlights the ASL letter “a” while also symbolizing the eye. The eyes symbolize enhanced visual perceptiveness, a profound depth of connection through the visual language of sign.

Bottom right: The ASL handshape for the letter “f” is represented as a hand holding a coffee cup. Coffee brings us all together.

Center: The center of the mural shows two hands together, symbolizing the ASL sign for “community” and referencing language and cultural pride, access and “our home.” The arms rise from the bottom of the mural, depicting the strength and core of human connection.

Designed in collaboration with the Starbuck Creative Studio

Meet the Creator

Yi Illustration 365days

Washington, DC

I illustrate what I do think from my vivid world.

Available for commission/custom work

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