Murals by Wide Eyed seen at Portland, Portland - PDX Map
Murals by Wide Eyed seen at Portland, Portland - PDX Map
Image credit: Wide Eyed
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Created by Wide Eyed
As seen in Portland, Portland, OR


Murals by Wide Eyed, as seen in Portland, Portland, OR

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Mural designed for a global workplace in Portland, OR. Art concept highlights the Willamette River running through the city and a slew of iconic local narratives and imageries.

Meet the Creator

Wide Eyed

Seattle, WA

I make art–big and small–with my hands.

My name's Rosie, and I love making art.
Raised in the Midwest, she graduated from the University of Cincinnati, School of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art + Planning), with her B.S. in Graphic Design and a propensity for printmaking. When she's not drawing or daydreaming, you can find her playing with her puppy, planning her next getaway, or obsessing over desert plant life. Her work has been featured in the Portland Mercury, GeekWire, ArtCrank, and Capsules Book. Her personal art works and murals have been featured in multiple galleries and walls throughout Seattle and Portland. She currently designs the graphics and exhibits at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, WA.

Available for commission/custom work