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Tania Christoforatou
Murals by Tania Christoforatou seen at University General Hospital of Heraklion - Patterned tortoise

Patterned tortoise


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Wall painting in the Pediatric Clinic of our city's Hospital, in acrylic paints.
We have been commissioned with painting the walls of the pediatric clinic. Our proposal is to offer young patients and their guardians, as well as the health stuff a colorful, playful and joyful look on nature (trees, flowers, animals) and sparkle a sense of optimism and hope in their everyday life.

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Tania Christoforatou

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Visual storytelling

I am a biologist, author and painter. Having been in contact with story telling, reading and painting from a very young age, I soon developed the ability to invent stories and follow other characters’ adventures in life. My paintings are informed from my love of nature, microscopic world and imagination and my stories are full of colorful images.