Murals by Strider Patton, as seen in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Murals by Strider Patton seen at San Francisco, San Francisco - "Imagination"


The finished "Imagination" mural! My group of middle and high schoolers worked hard for 6 weeks, through concept, design, and creation phases, to produce this mural at their youth center

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inSan Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Meet the Creator

Strider Patton has lived his life in the crossroads of public art and altruism. Combining artistic practice from his dad, and social awareness and compassion from his mom, he has been devoting his work toward how art can change the world. After earning a masters degree in applied anthropology and social art, Strider has been involved with many places making public art projects that invite observers to participate in collective, visceral experiences. He has explored many mediums of art over his life, but stencil spray painting, street art and muralism have been his main focus for the last decade.”