Murals by StaySeaArt seen at Camaronal - Brooklyn Bridge mural
Murals by StaySeaArt seen at Camaronal - Brooklyn Bridge mural
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Item Brooklyn Bridge mural
Created by StaySeaArt
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This 10’x22’ Brooklyn bridge mural was painted by Stacey Coon,. aka StaySea, — private estate in Playa Camaronal , Costa Rica

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Crafting masterpieces specific to client needs, unique to your space!

StaySea is an artist native to South Florida — her style is inspired by the natural patterns of the ocean when she's surfing or on the water, as well as the organic linework in trees and stones. She aims to use these patterns in a way to show the connection between us all. Much of her large scale mural work, live art and studio work represents native flora and fauna of Florida — or geographical region she is painting in — as well as endangered animals around the world. For specific events, she can cater to the theme or ideals of each client — crafting a unique experience for all attendees.

Her art can pave a vision of hope to inspire people to work along side nature instead of against it. If we can provide eyes with the beauty of our environments, perhaps this can shed some light on progressive forward motion. We can show through art that our direct impact on the world yields results over time, and we need these influences to be positive.

Available for commission/custom work