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Speedy Graphito
Murals by Speedy Graphito seen at Sandow, New York - Mixed-media Murals

Mixed-media Murals

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The mixed-media murals were commissioned from Speedy Graphito for the Sandow. This yellow and black theme on a fleet of influential characters and icons are both striking and sensational. No doubt the Sandow office feature amazing art.

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Speedy Graphito

Meet the Creator

Speedy Graphito is the pseudonym of a Paris-born contemporary artist Olivier Rizzo. He is widely recognized as one of the most important and influential figures in the French Street Art movement. His oeuvre is striking, vigorous, and controversial – and while the most of his work is paint-based, he is also regarded for his work in other media including sculpture, installations, video and photography.

Olivier Rizzo graduated with honors from the School of Art Estienne in Paris in 1983, receiving his formal education through a seven-year arts program. The following year, he started signing his works as Speedy Graphito. His reputation has been growing steadily since the early-1980s, leaving a mark on a generation of artists and contemporary art.

Since the early 80s, just after the free-figuration movement, the collective memory and walls of Paris were permeated with the coloring and snappy graphics of Speedy Graphito’s “Style Graphito.

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