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Created and Sold by Scott Parsons

Scott Parsons

Flights of Fancy - Murals

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There are two beautiful ceramic mosaics on both walls of the main terminal of Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Approximately 35,000 pieces of hand-cut and fired ceramic tile were used. These mosaics serve as a welcoming gesture for each visitor, travelers, and locals, inscribing all arrivals and departures. Flights of Fancy was created by international award-winning artist Scott Parsons.
"All journeys, both unexpected and planned, begin with once upon a time. And time, of course, becomes the primary concern for visitors to an airport. So I explore time in a finite sense, with flight times and schedules, and moving these visually into something with more of a sense of timelessness, such as the stars and the people who have danced on the prairie for countless generations. I combined this with a geologic sense of time and permanence portrayed through the landscapes of some of my favorite places around Sioux Falls. I also wanted to play with the idea of things that fly and go up into the sky, so together these elements combine across both mosaics, dancing between the ideas of flight and time."

Item Flights of Fancy
Created by Scott Parsons
Scott Parsons
Meet the Creator
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Scott Parsons is an international award-winning artist. He teaches printmaking and drawing at Augustana University. Scott has received numerous public art commissions across the United States and Canada. His work includes percent for art and private commissions for churches, museums, research facilities, university buildings and transportation centers. Scott was recognized by Art in America for creating one of the most significant works of public art in the United States in 2002. He has received national and international awards for his art, including multiple National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association Honor Awards. Scott's work is reviewed widely, including in Art in America, Sculpture, Architectural Record, Stained Glass Quarterly and Public Art Review. Scott received his bachelor's degree in art from Augustana College and his M.F.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder.”