Murals by Sas and Yosh seen at Haneda Airport, Ota City - HANEDA AIRPORT – KIDS ART EXHIBITION MURAL
Murals by Sas and Yosh seen at Haneda Airport, Ota City - HANEDA AIRPORT – KIDS ART EXHIBITION MURAL
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Created by Sas and Yosh


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Haneda Airport – Mural
Every year Haneda Tokyo International Airport in Japan celebrates the work of local primary schools by creating an amazing exhibition of children’s artwork.
We were commissioned to create 10 large scale mural artworks of varying sizes to introduce the 26th Ota-ku Tokyo Primary Schools kids art exhibition with the theme ‘Children’s dreams flying into a happy future’
The exhibition ran from 6th – 20th August 2019.

Meet the Creator

Sas and Yosh

Sas and Yosh

Hitchin, United Kingdom

Illustration Pattern and Design - UK design house since 2014

Dream, Design, Create!

‘Sas and Yosh’ the design house was founded in 2014 in the U.K. by two creative like minded artists Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan. With a focus on creating inspiring pattern and design, and beautiful illustration.

Our design house creates unique bespoke artwork for commercial and independent clients both internationally and in the UK.

Our commissioned work includes illustration and designs for Murals, Editorial, Packaging, Lifestyle goods, Interiors – Pattern design for Wallpaper and Textiles, Stationery, Children’s Books and Web Illustration.

We Sarah and Yoshie both have our own distinctive illustrative voices as you can see on our artist & portfolio pages.

However If you like elements of both our work as many clients do, then we can also work as a collaborative design team. This is when we create some of our most exciting work, and is also something that sets us apart from other designers.

We love hand drawn and digital illustration as well as collage and painting processes. This means that the resulting illustration, pattern and designs we create are a wonderful amalgamation of fine line, vibrant colour, pattern and texture. Making them totally unique.
Any enquiries about new commissions and projects, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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