Murals by Rekha Goyal seen at Private Residence, Mumbai - Sky - art tiles
Murals by Rekha Goyal seen at Private Residence, Mumbai - Sky - art tiles
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Item Sky - art tiles
Created by Rekha Goyal
As seen in Private Residence, Mumbai, India

Sky - art tiles

Murals by Rekha Goyal, as seen in Private Residence, Mumbai, India


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In the series of Art tiles I have been working on through the Covid lockdown, comes this new collection – Sky. In the solitude of my studio and that of quarantine, visuals of the varied forms of the sky and its calm, rhythmic expanse were the most joyful to create. Sky, a fleeting moment.

Art tiles are miniature wall art in ceramic that beautify smaller cosy spaces. When one does not want overpowering artwork or sculpture, art tiles bring just the right amount of aesthetic and character to the space.

Meet the Creator

Rekha Goyal

Rekha Goyal

Mumbai, India

Channelizing, sculpting, and refining complexities to achieve the dynamism of simplicity.

Each piece of art that I create, stems from an emotion or a confluence of emotions. It is a process of discovery, of being able to listen to myself. Like meditation, this is something that comes with practice. My emotions are simple – a shared moment with a stranger, sadness, happiness, or beauty. As I work with clay I try and express these emotions through the physical form, something that can be seen, touched, and felt.

Two decades of creating ceramic art has taught me humility. It has also taught me that absolute honesty towards what one creates, will cease it to be work and make it a way of life. Every new work makes me realize that I love the process of art. It has created an opening, made me more mindful and sensitive. It is now, how I live and my way of feeling the world around me.

Available for commission/custom work