Created and Sold by Raul Martinez

Raul Martinez
Murals by Raul Martinez seen at Mission Pool, San Francisco - New World Tree of Life

New World Tree of Life

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New World Tree of Life is a 69' x 25' acrylic Politec and Nova Color mural found at the Mission Pool, 19th and Linda Streets, San Francisco, California. It was designed and executed in collaboration with Susan Cervantes, Juana Alicia, and Raul Martinez. This piece was designed in the form of a traditional Mexican ceramic tree of life, full of birds and animals, Adam and Eve and their children. In the center of the composition, the jade eye of Tlaloc, the Aztec rain god, radiates light across the entire surface of the work. In the background, there are native wildlife and human inhabitants at peace in their environment. New World Tree is an ode to the connection of all human bloodlines, to water as the source of all life and to the natural beauty of the Bay Area.

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