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Created and Sold by Raul Baltazar

Raul Baltazar

Life - Murals

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"Life" (acrylic; 1999) is Raul Baltazar's mural on the wall of La Estrella restaurant in Highland Park, Los Angeles. "Yes I did originally paint it back in 1999. There was a young son of an owner who had bought the place, later he sold it, luckily the new owners kept it. This mural was painted at a time when I was living at Regeneracion in Highland Park, at that time many Xicanos/as were learning about their culture via ceremony, Sundance, sweatlodges, and Peyote ceremonies," says Balthazar.

That is mostly what is painted inside the fields, peyote, medicine wheels, a bull like the ones offered or sacrificed in Huichol ceremonies.