Murals by P.M.B.Q., as seen in 14408 Union Ave, San Jose, CA

Murals by P.M.B.Q. seen at 14408 Union Ave, San Jose - Pups of Pup Plaza

Pups of Pup Plaza

in14408 Union Ave, San Jose, CA
Dogs inspire us every day—they don't judge, they don't worry about the past, or are not preoccupied by the future. Dogs teach us to live in the moment—to love and to play, with no limits. The dogs pictured in "The Pups of Pup Plaza" original mural represent rescue dogs who have deeply touched our lives, and made them better.
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Meet the Creator

Welcome to the Pandariffic World of P.M.B.Q.! Our studio was founded by San Jose, CA artist, Phuong-Mai “Mai” Bui-Quang. Our cast of cute, cool, and edgy characters is ever-growing to spread friendship and mischief all around the world.

The Panda Inspiration started in 1999, when Mai first visited the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington D.C. The pandas were so adorable, lively and playful…Mai had no idea how much she loved pandas! It’s from this excitement that our characters get created.

We design t-shirts and toys, draw comics, paint murals, but we’re always aspiring to do more and more. Join us on our lifelong journey to make the world Pandariffic!

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