Bathroom Mural

Murals by Pam Brewer seen at Private Residence, Newland - Bathroom Mural
Private Residence, Newland, NC
"Whether I am designing for a kitchen backsplash, a bathroom mural, or a commemorative mural, I am always considering the client and their specific styles and requirements. With a degree in Interior Design, and experience as a General Contractor, one of the primary concerns is establishing a foundation and using materials creating integrity to hold and honor the work for generations." Bathroom mural installation by Pam Brewer for a private client.

Meet the Creator

"Following a labyrinth of sorts, with a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, I designed my way to becoming a general contractor and ending this stage of my life with a Design/Build construction company. Having always chosen the road less traveled, I ended up in the mountains of NC, exploring life as a studio artist. Since 1993, beginning with mosaics, I have been breaking and making ceramics as a full-time studio artist.

Discovering clay as a medium to sculpt the forms on which to apply the mosaic, I became enamored with the material and its processes. Influenced by many teachers, and inspired by Penland School of Crafts, a door was opened that will forever be magical for me. I was instinctively drawn to the more primal materials (earthenware and terra sigilatta), and the most time honored forms of hand building (pinching and coiling). Living in stillness (which is always a challenge), and in the oldest mountains on the planet, I am continually silenced by the beauty of our natural and organic environment, and attempt to reflect that in my work.

The clay simply empowered me to discover the act of creating."

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