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Noelle Miller Art
Murals by Noelle Miller Art seen at Private Residence, Denver - "Keeping It Together"
Image credit: Image taken by Kylie Fitts, Spaced design by Bret Sundberg

"Keeping It Together"

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24" x 40" Acrylic and pastel on stretched canvas

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Noelle Miller Art

Meet the Creator

Abstract art inspired by the whimsical movement of energy.

Noelle Miller is an abstract painter living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado. After graduating from CSU with a BFA in drawing, she focused on traveling and dove into her work with a newfound inspiration for the world around her. Noelle’s work stems from an interest in emotion and the manifestation of energy within everyday life. Recently, her works have been focusing on the idea of memory and feelings of nostalgia. Large swatches of color build a platform for the telling of these stories. Delicate lines, textures and clouds of color create a language of what is remembered in contrast with where moments of these memories lapse.