Murals by No Touching Ground seen at Facebook Dexter, Seattle - "Solidarity" mural
Murals by No Touching Ground seen at Facebook Dexter, Seattle - "Solidarity" mural
Image credit: Candace Fields

"Solidarity" mural


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Artist No Touching Ground's mural "Solidarity" created for Facebook's Artist in Residence program and installed in Seattle. Seattle-based street artist No Touching Ground creates 99% of his work in unsanctioned public spaces to address important social / political issues of the moment. For this installation, he has created a row of diverse individuals in protest stances standing up for Native American rights, Black Lives Matter, the water crisis and Women’s equality. The protestors—modeled after real local activists—are shown from behind to invite the viewer into the scene; to join in a collective effort of solidarity.
This item is commission/custom work.

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Meet the Creator

No Touching Ground is a Los Angeles-based visual artist who creates evocative, photorealistic images that have appeared on the sides of buildings and on street corners around the world, from Athens to Buenos Aires to Lisboa to Seattle. His wheatpastes have dealt directly and poignantly with political and social issues, both at home and abroad, including Greece’s political climate, the Occupy Movement and the tragic death of John T. Williams. The artist has also explored the relationship between animals and humans, and the constant change global warming has on both.