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Nicolette Atelier
Gilded Panoramic Landscape Mural | Murals by Nicolette Atelier | Taza Lebanese Grill Downtown in Cleveland
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Gilded Panoramic Landscape Mural

Featured In Taza Lebanese Grill Downtown, Cleveland, OH


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Nestled in the Historic Warehouse District a few paces to the Rockefeller Building, Taza is a Lebanese eatery with classic bones. The ambiance is rich and colorful with a bit of whimsical shaping inspired by Easter decoration. The main dining room hosts an old-world faux finish, accented ironwork, set of Marrakech inspired glass gilded doors, and decoratively painted soffit. The highlight of the space is the private event room with original wood paneling that has been gilded and filled with panoramic Chinoiserie inspired landscape paintings. A canopy of gold gilding shines above on the room’s ceiling.

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Creation: 8-24 weeks


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Nicolette Atelier
Meet the Creator
My work hinges on the bespoke process. As an artist, my mission is to convey the spirit of my clients' vision.

Nicolette has been an full time artist and entrepreneur since the age of sixteen. As one of six children to custom home builder parents, design meets entrepreneurship has always been "in the blood".

"My business hinges on the bespoke process. It is my job to convey the spirit of my clients' vision. It's a very personal process. And I love the versatility day you're working with some corporate CEO and the next you're playing with a [residential] client's four year old. It keeps life interesting and you learn so much from each one."

Her reach spans across the US as well as the UK, Argentina, New Zealand and Ireland. Her clientele include two murals for Sherwin William’s Global HQ, Destino Vero Fashion House NYC, noteable DC figures and professional sports players and agents, to name a few.

"Once a client called and said that she was sitting in her dining room (which I had painted in a lavender chinoiserie design about two years prior) drinking coffee and wanted to tell me how happy the room made her feel. She went on to say that she often went to the room as it had 'such a calming' effect. It is moments like this that remind me of my purpose...and I'm lucky...I get to make people happy." It is also indicative of Nicolette's strong belief in environmental feedback, or the newly coined term R.O.E. (Return on Environment). "The spaces and places we work, live and encounter are powerful. They either feed or deplete us. It's real and it is our job as artists, designers, architects, etc to bring harmony to the world via aesthetics."

Design centric and dedicated to a lifetime pursuit of creating experiential environments, she decided to launch her abstract art line, Abstract Art Nicolette, in 2017 with the goal of exploring a smaller frame of reference and to indulge her creativity in a minimalist direction. Her canvas work is contemporary in aesthetic with graphic design, landscape, and architectural undertones. It seeks to explore balance, harmony, color and texture to create meditative pieces.

She currently resides in Washington, DC with her pup Ronaldo.