Murals by Nicholai Khan seen at Pomona, New York - mural
Murals by Nicholai Khan seen at Pomona, New York - muralMurals by Nicholai Khan seen at Pomona, New York - mural
"It’s up to you New York, New York!”- Ol’ Blue Eyes. About last night... Painted a piece of the old fifth avenue on the new fifth ave.

Meet the Creator

"When Nicholai Khan was very young he knew that his only passion in life was to become a great artist. Drawing, painting and creating came naturally. Pulling from his life experiences has given Nicholai a unique take on following his dreams.

The use of every from leaves, jewelry, oil-based markers, spray paint, glue, rivets, flowers and any other items he can put his hands on is what sets this artist from others. All of those things combined with an original style and much focus on technique, form great pieces of artwork that are as layered and enigmatic as the artist himself. see him paint is like watching chaos turn into beauty. Nicholai currently travels all of over the world showing the power of creative expression to as many people as he can, teaching children and adults alike to unconditionally help one another and what it means to be truly inspired.

In the future, Nicholai Khan hopes to help influence a world of self-thinking individuals to embrace their inner artist.


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